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Aristotle divided line notes

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PHIL 1000
Scott Schau

Christine Combe ID: 0843991 Amy Butchart Tutorial #4 October 7, 2013 Aristotle: The Politics Book 1: Chapter 2 Aristotle’s view on the state is that every community is built with the idea or goal of “good”.According toAristotle, this “good” can only be found through communities. Aristotle believes that humans naturally care about the image they present to others, and in doing so, cannot exist without one another. He believes that the city-state is the creation of human intelligence, and that the ultimate good may not be the same for all, but everyone believes in an ultimate good. The state, whichAristotle speaks of, is a community that includes villages and households. It is the people’s ability to be happy, all the while reaching the highest level of understood “good”. The state allows for self-sufficiency and self-sufficiency only becomes abandoned when the individual is isolated, therefore out of the state. The state is made up of several villages that come together seeking a life full of good. Many, as opposed to the village or household whom are governed by one, govern the state in a democratic government. Households are created by partnerships of man and female who come together to serve everyday needs.Avillage consists of a community of many households, or a family. Rulers are passed on through blood, therefore not correctly earning the position. In the state, justice is used to determine the rulers. In other associations the idea o
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