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Lecture 6

PHIL 1000 Lecture Notes - Lecture 6: Rule Utilitarianism, Beer Pong, Amniocentesis

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PHIL 1000
Patricia Sheridan

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October. 27, 2015
1. Amniocentesis
2. When a woman is pregnant early on an amniocentesis can be performed
3. It is an injecting, withdraw fluid, can determine down syndrome, gives woman choice to
have an abortion at an early stage
4. Some people take catholic church approach in modern world
1. Is a fertilized human egg a human being
“person” - is a vague term
1. A person with Zero hairs on his head is bald
2. A person with One hair on his head is bald
3. Determining between bald and not bald cannot be determined by one hair
November 10, 2015
4. Everything relevant to the last essay assignment, supposedly
5. Jeremy Bentham founded utilitarianism
6. His view was that human’s have 2 motivating forces: pleasure and pain.
7. But pleasure and pain are on a scale
8. Pleasure being the plus side and pain being the minus
9. Pleasure and pain come in amounts
10. We can measure them
11. We can rank things as more or less pleasurable
12. If we think something neither gives us pleasure or pain it receives a zero.
13. People always want to maximize pleasure and minimize pain.
14. But Bentham needs something more
15. The ranking of options stays the same
16. Bentham wants us to be able to say things like experience A gives us twice as much
pleasure as experience B.
17. Suppose 3 people get on a scale
18. The scale doesn’t say individual weights it only gives a number
19. Ordinal numbers are the numbers used for rankings (1st, 2nd etc.)
20. But Bentham wants cardinal numbers (1,2,3,4 etc.)
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