PHIL 1010 Lecture Notes - Microsoft Powerpoint, Patriarcha, Age Of Enlightenment

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Published on 23 Mar 2013
John Locke 1632-1704
Second Treatise of Government, 1689
Important is establishing liberal thought ... classic liberal.
The Patriarchal Power of Kings
Robert Filmer, Patriarcha 1680 - wrote book in defence of patriarchal power.
Kings inherit the authority God granted to Adam at Creation, Adam is the
"father figure" and has power and authority. When he dies, others take
over and inherit that power.
Defends the right of kings to exercise absolute authority over their subjects.
God's will on earth. By making laws you are doing God's will.
Monarchs didn't see themselves as serving the people, but rather serving
Absolute Monarch
Relationship of Government to Governed
Patriarch - "father"
An authority, tell you what you can and cannot do.
In a position where they need help, cant make decision. Not a self-directing
A father over his children?
A lord over his slave? <------- All of these positions have a position of
authority over another person whom is in a degraded position
A master over his servant?
Unequal relationships. Government is in a higher authority and not just in a
position of demand but ACTUALLY superior that the people it commands
Children, slaves, servants are all people who do not have full power to
determine their ends, their futures, their interests.
The Essence of Locke's Liberal Response
People are naturally equal
Political states originate with the people
State of nature account - created by consent
Not created by divine fiat; or by privilege
State of Nature
Individual is the Bottom Line
Cultures, communities and states are not ends in themselves
Society is a collection of individuals with interests to pursue
Agency in a central concept here
Individual responsibility and self determination
What defines an individual?
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