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University of Guelph
PHIL 1050
Patricia Sheridan

Phil. Lecture 2: Does God Exist? Anselm vs. Guanilo The ontological argument and the “lost Island” challenge What is the proof based on? • Reason alone • Note, he appeals to no evidence, no scripture, no feelings, nothing like ‘belief’ • This is what we call an a priori argument • And it is also what we call analytic • It relies on definition, logic, reason alone -just thinking about the concept of god itself What is the goal? Is it just logical trickery? • In Monologion • “If anyone does not know, either because he has not heard or because he does not believe, that there is one nature, supreme among all existing things, who alone is self- sufficient in his eternal happiness, who through his omnipotent goodness grants and brings it about that allother things exist or have any sort of well-being, and a great many other things that we must believe about god or his creation, I think he could at least convince himself of most of these things by reason alone, if he is even moderately intelligent.” • In prosologion he sets out to convince the Fool “who has said in his heart there is no god.” • So, this is supposed to be persuasive A simple argument • Looking for a simple, punchy, straightforward, and universally convincing proof • Intended to appeal to anyone, basically who could understand the basic concepts -e.g. if you know what ‘bachelor’ means, you know that the following is by definition, and necessarily, true, “a bachelor is an unmarried man” -Why is the atheist a fool? Doesn’t believe what he already understands -The fool understands the claim regarding God’s existence, but fails to believe it • Anselm proposed ‘a single argument that for its proof required no other save itself, that would by itself be enough to show that god really exist (21).” What is th
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