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Lecture 8

Lecture 8- Locke (multiple concepts).docx

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University of Guelph
PHIL 1050
Patricia Sheridan

Lecture 8- Locke (multiple concepts) Qualities and substances Appearance/reality The mental construction of the world Appearance vs. reality • If I put a cold hand in lukewarm water, the water feels hot, but if I put a warm hand in the same water it feels cool; does the water itself change? • A siren approaching and receding from us changes in tone, but does that change resemble something in the object? • Do our experiences resemble the world itself? Is there any way to know? • Locke is a kind of skeptic in this regard Powers and Qualities • Simple ideas seem to be caused in our minds   -And they seem to indicate perceived qualities or properties things have   • By qualities we really mean powers bodies have to produce ideas in us • So , to say that a lemon is yellow means: -i.e. something in the world produces the idea of yellow, the colour experience, in our minds Do any of our ideas resemble objects in the world? • Primary Qualities -These seem to resemble qualities of the objects themselves -Less subjective in nature -What might he have in mind here? -Solidity, extension, figure, motion • Secondary Qualities -These seem to be a function of our experience; and not in the objects themselves -Do not resemble qualities in the object -What does he have in mind here • Colours, sounds, textures, tastes, smells • Secondary qualities are by- products of the interaction of primary qualities with my senses   -They are powers in the object, just not resembling of them The active mind: complex ideas The mind is active once it gets simple ideas to work on -Combines simple ideas into complex ideas Substance combining simple ideas into once compound idea -E.g. red, scented, soft… a rose -The rose refers to the thing that has the qualities we perceive • Substances are “all the ideas we have of p
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