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Lecture 12

Lecture 12- Kant.docx

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University of Guelph
PHIL 1050
Patricia Sheridan

Lecture 12- Kant • How to be moral in two easy steps: • Objective, universal laws + good will • Kant’s Deontological ethics -Moral duty (deon in Greek) -Universalized moral principles, as the basis for moral action The Basics • The only really good and morally worthy act arises from good will • A good will is one guided only by duty • Acting according to duty means acting in accordance with moral maxims (moral laws) • A good will is only guided by maxims it would want everyone to follow Kant vs Virtue ethics • Aristotle: virtue = happiness • Kant: ‘virtues’ can make us do bad things • Aristotle: not if they’re perfectly appropriate, balanced • Kant: this presupposes more than just rationality, but also a ‘good will’ -the proper attention to moral duty -The virtuous person won’t recognize the means unless they have a prior idea of moral good Kant and acing for good outcomes • Ca
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