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Feb 9 2011 Lecture Note

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PHIL 1050
Mark Mc Cullagh

thFebruary 9 LecturePg 115125Chapter 5 Freges New Logical World Both AristotleDescartes held that we know what is true and hoow do we know the truths of geometry and arithmetic and physics because certain fundamental principle are known through institutionother truths are validly deduced from these fundamental principlesth New science brought on in 17 century led to many philosophical problems Why are the experimentalobservational methods of modern science reliable If science depends on inferences made from observationexperiment what is the basis for our knowledge of mathematicsfor the special certainty that propositions in geometryarithmetic seem to haveth in 18 century the new sciences of physicschemistry seemed different from geometryarithmeticUnlike the new sciences geometryarithmetic did seem to depend on selfevident principles DescartesLeibniz thought of physical objects as bundles of properties attached to a substance Descartes thought of mental objects as bundles of properties attached to a mental substance Ideas are collection of properties attached to a mental substance so an idea may be simple or complexth Hume18 century Scottish philosopher used the IDEAThought some propositions are about matters of facteg sky is blue
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