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PHIL 2100
Kyle Bromhall

thPHIL MONDAY MARCH 5 2012Scope and AdequacyChapter Eightin both cases the premise in question provides no reason to believe the conclusionadequacy does not work the same way as the other twothe prem may be true supply reasons to believe the conclusion and still be inadequatewhen we take all these three criteria togetherwe have the tools to assess whether or not an arg is sound that is whether the prems are true and the prems support the conclusion Scopeintent of the author of an arg and the context makes a huge differenceis part of that intentwhen we refer to the scope of an arg we are referring to how widereaching its implications are or are meant to be or how strong of a conclusion is meant to be drawnEX An arg about black F150s driven by middle aged suburban men in the Pacific Northwest has a very narrow focus and its conclusions would only be applicable to things of that description narrow scopehow can he generalize Implications can only fit into the description made by the argYet an arg about trucks in the pacific northwest has a considerably wider focus The colour make and model less specific means a wider scopeWider scopeapplicable to more casesScope is important because it indicates what level of evidence and what kind of evidence is required for an a
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