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Lecture 7

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PHIL 2120

Citizenship Theory The health and stability of modern societies depends not only on the justice of our intuitions, but on the qualities and attitudes of its citizens, e.g., their sense of identity, and how they view potentially competing forms of national, regional and ethnic identities- how they tolerate one another.  How do we manage to accommodate differences?  How we supplement of theories of justice is an idea of citizenship theory For example: the environment- how much can the state do if individuals chose not to recycle? Qua- distinguish what each of us inherit (in the role of) ie acting in the role of a daughter you are late for dinner, but guest are on time  We shop in Wal-Mart because as consumers we want a cheap deal 1. What sorts of virtues and practice are required to be democratic citizens? (What makes a good citizen good)  Someone who contributes to society  Obey the laws that society has said is right  Participating in society  Be active in choosing a political party Answer:  General Virtues: Loyalty, law- abidingness  Social Virtues: open-mindedness  Economic Virtues: work ethic  Political Virtues: capacity to discern and respect rights of others. Public Reasonableness- the idea that citizens must give a public defense of their views, be they religious, cultural etc. ‘Vote-centric’ to ‘talk-centric’. Citizens meet in public places and forums and debate the reason for the claims that we make. This is deliberative democracy. New picture of citizens, not as self-interested, but as mutually interested.  Active and participatory  Critical of authority  Non-dogmatic  Committed to mutual understanding and benefits. Questions:  What are the appropriate forums for deliberation?  Should these exist at local level, national, global?  Do w
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