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Lecture 2

PHIL 2280 Lecture Notes - Lecture 2: A Letter Concerning Toleration, Divine LawPremium

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PHIL 2280
Omid Payrow Shabani

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PHIL2280- September 28th lecture
Locke’s A Letter Concerning Toleration
Because people might hold different worldviews, there needs to be a
clear boundary between the sphere of the authority of civil
government and that of religion
There are three kinds of laws:
1) The laws of opinion
2) Civil law
3) Divine law
God has ot estoed the resposiilit of arig for the itizes’
souls upon the crown. Similarly, one cannot give away the authority
oer their soul  oset to the ro, for oe’s salatio is oe’s
own responsibility
Goeret’s jo is ol to are for thigs ad iterests eteral to its
subjects while to care for soul requires inward persuasion of the mind.
Thus, it is not the goeret’s jo to estalish a offiial faith
In countries, where the official religion had been established by the
power of the superstition and ignorance citizens could not find their
way to salvation
o No private person has a right to transgress against any other
private person because she belongs to a different church
o Civil rights of private citizens are to be protected against
prejudices of any church
o Meers of differet hurhes do’t hae jurisditio oer eah
other. Their civil rights are inviolable
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