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Lecture 10

PHIL 2280 Lecture Notes - Lecture 10: Collectively Exhaustive Events, Communitarianism, Minority RightsPremium

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PHIL 2280
Omid Payrow Shabani

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PHIL 2280
Lecture 10:
Charles Mills:
2007 Commission adresse le problème du Québec
There is controversy in Quebec, interculturalism is different
from multiculturalism. They had to move away from the
multicultural model, because cultural equality does not exist
there. French language and culture is dominant.
Minority rights
Ethic minorities: In Quebec are under this category: as such
they don’t have any self-rule rights.
So the right to protect their language and culture. What the
commission fails to address is the situation of first nations in
Quebec, what are their rights, they to are national minoritys
and they deserve self-determination.
Social movement rights
Immigrant groups in Quebec demand recognition. What about first
nations in Quebec who themselves are a national minority. Do
they have the right to self-rule or become a state?
What is the connection between Taylors Text and this Case?
Quebec wanted to supress diversity.
Culture and Language in promoting a nation. That language is
prioritised above all in public schooling. That lets the
members identify with the group as someone who belongs, who is
inside within. They feel allegiance to the minority groups.
Radical Liberalism
Drawing on Marxism (structures of class domination, and the idea
of ideal ology. Mills approaches the problematic of Race in
America. He claims that political philosophy so far has been
theorized around a political subject who is white, male,
property owner and as such, it does not include subjects
belonging to the dominated Races.
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