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Notes on Hegel

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PHIL 3080
John Russon

Tuesday, October 16, 2012 HEGEL Struggle to the death Interpretation as yourself as the center. Your desires guide experience. The only thing you aknowledge in reality, is that you are at the center of things “self certainly” or “self interpretation”. Everything comes back to ‘you’ or ‘me’. The experience of absolute abrstraction. Another thing or prson you come across will have the same view, they are everything. We recognize other self conscious beings. Form of our experience is that we are de-centered , center. You are independent. You can risk everything since you are dependant on nothing or nobody i.e., struggle to the death. “My will is not controlled by my body or anything else”. Therefore you encounter another person, with the same ideas, and if they challenge you, you can kill them. They have mirror images in perspective, once again ‘struggle to the death’. Most primitive way we experience self- conciousness. Desire does not equal organism/body. The other desire is the challenge, you defeated
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