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Patricia Sheridan

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Course Overview Intro 17 -18 C. Royal Society – group of Philosophers dedicated to political and scientific philosophy, home labs, challenging what the Universities are saying, women weren’t allowed to be apart  Moved out of the universities  Met in these women’s homes so the women had a direct link to these philosophers Polemical – coming to a theory through discussion with others, engaging critically with other thinkers,  Many of these women philosophers took this format o Possibly bc they are not formally educated, therefore, possibly more comfortable with this format Women Philosophers  Upper class, wealthy  They were some of the small percent that were actually educated, they had a husband or a father that were sufficiently excited about the topics that they engaged them in their readings and education, some had to teach themselves Feminist project to read and understand these women but the women were not necessarily feminist, important to know that women participate in the discipline that is even to this day male dominated Women’s Lives in the 17 and 18 Centuries  Woman’s Nature o Common place to see women as inferior, men and women seen as very different, therefore, effects the type of education and opportunities they have o Basic distinction made between the intellectual and the physical
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