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1-D kinematics

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University of Guelph
PHYS 1020
Melissa Williams

Recap: - Uncertainty is possible error in measurement. - Sig digs –reliably known digits of a measurement - Manipulation of sig digs – RULES - Unit conversion Reference textbook for today 1-19 to 1-20 & 2-1 to2-6 Note read text sections 1.1-1.4 not all covered In class! Make 17.5 km/hr³ to cm/min³ 1km= 1000m 100cm= 1m 60 min= 1hr 17.5 km/ hr³ X 1000m/ 1km X 100cm/ 1m X (1h/60 min) ³ = hr³/ 60³ min³ 5 ANS 17.5 X 10 / 60³ = 8.10 One Dimensional (1-D) KINEMATICS Kinematics- Description of Motion by use of : - WORDS (terminology) - DIAGRAMS (graphs) - EQUATIONS - Terminology (language) of motion SCALAR vs. VECTOR SCALAR: measured quantity that has only a size/magnitude (NO DIRECTION) Ex. Speed, mass, distance, time, energy, temperature VECTOR: has both magnitude and direction Ex. How to find the athletic centre? 150m (EAST) In Physics: the arithmetic is different when dealing with vectors compared with scalars Ex. Distance (Scalar) vs. displacement (vector) In 1-D no arrow needed, us + & -! To show direction. th LECTURE 3 – SEPTEMBER 16 , 2011! Text ref: 1-19 to 1-20 Distance- how far an object moves during motion (S.I. unit metre) (SCALAR QUANT.) Displacement- straight line from initial to final points in specified direction (m) (VECTOR) Displacement is a vector quantity- arithmetic (rules for addition, subtraction and multiplication) not the sane as for scalars - Indicates the change in position from the starting point to the final point (ie. Strai
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