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Lecture 30

PHYS 1300 Lecture 30: Lecture #30 Physics

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PHYS 1300
Joanne O' Meara

ptty On F Dec sana at be radio nucuei trans for e thro electron loeta farts ang n nuceus is feplo ced by a p Ten. protun re l'F particle is ejected beta de Z increa A st tire s et and B de beca rzdoaLhe nuclei tran thra en on of Postman. an are noutr refia Led...b particle ected 2 decreases by o A sta s sane de beta particle ich of and essarnau no emass trino (ro charge Oumar emissin of y SS re ease of ene from ute us in de no cha nucear configurahan. d,P, y decays Desay Guwatrons de B de Y decay all f Arent nic beca tal nauber of nuclei edeca constant f life. time required tur /2 of parent nuclei to transfer Crprential Dec en C de de Constant are Noe
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