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Lecture 19

PHYS 1300 Lecture 19: Lecture #19 Physics

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University of Guelph
PHYS 1300
Joanne O' Meara

Electric y Oct. 26/20 hteyt book secti s AS 19. le Electric ficids electi field at a distencer, a single charge, CR, is En bu Lhas units of Newt per Cowl An price of s at the grocery store n dollars Electa e Fields e Forces why troduce the con cept of an electric Geld near a sin cha allows us to describe the effect of that ane eharge, on its surr a us y deter the res le Chr for -to (r) that is exerted on enorge, q flasd in Mis eld Newtons IN I co bs Dns Electr e Field Direction an important on to re ber converh electric fied pants away pers tive era and p its towards negative char A t the direct of the electmc Aed is defined as the directi that a POSITIVE e would uore rt it was place at that locati can tnud... Drect an of electric nd fields F is parale I to E Fis in the opposite direction to E. a. Net TIVE Be Care electr for and VEC-tr field are NOT the Sa e thing y an electric field e iss everywhere. arand a single inc uce charg fora any exists nen two (e are inter- each other. Electric field lines to visualize electric fields a region of space feature arrows show director of E ef ines dicates the stre t of the field that re 2 2, D -tan to the fe id Tne dicates d of lines can never cross s start at c and end at Electric field lines one C
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