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Lecture 20

PHYS 1300 Lecture 20: Lecture #20 Physics

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PHYS 1300
Joanne O' Meara

Electr 28 /20 L textbook "sections 19. 20. Electre field near a very larga cha plate. by symmetry the electric Rela near a ate of ch has on y component in the directi perpendic-lar to the plate Eiectric fied between true dates. adding the Reds fram the pos the the nega tise plates n the reg da Cai overall the electric feud with Auke qpositey c Plates outside. inside war tude /direchom are constant Csanna cnee FuL this is a fan a point ch Electme potential energy (U) renersy associated wth a dne te s'oc n an electms field CJust lika yavitahorae potentne energy es the enerJy ass ociated with a mass due to its locest na feld E mgy) Pust cuse a S pune churye in a un inm electric field due to a date of charyz Rules to R Frosted a me ct l ke Charters repe itive chai to arou s 2 Electric field points a pals nega e anys what a P ton de 3. A particle an evectric field. ALWAYS wants tea conservati of Ener. pproach to sp field: conservati he e s the elecmc puter energy and E is of c at the kinetic ener and U2. is the efectr pa ener and Etz s the kinetic eneres of cheanaz positio 'Z... or A u
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