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Lecture 5

POLS 1150 Lecture 5: The Rise and Possible Decline of the Modern State Cont'd (January 18)

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Political Science
POLS 1150
Mark Yanisziewski

Lecture 5: The Rise and Possible Decline of the Modern State Cont’d – January 18 Reading: People, Politics, and Government, pp. 75-85 Martin van Creveld, “The Fate of the State Revisited,” Global Crime, Vol. 7 Nos. 3-4 (August-November 2006), pp. 329-350. [E-Journal] Differences In How Politics/States Operated Before and After The Thirty Years’ War Sovereignty • Governments that existed prior to the Thirty Years’ War were not internally or externally sovereign, did not have final say on how interacted, etc. There Were Two Powers Prior To The Thirty Years’ War • Catholic Church and Holy Roman Empire • Catholic Church claimed right to lead on spiritual matters (e.g. did not have right to determine religion in state if had one) • HRE determined stuff on more secular matters (e.g. dispute over inheritance the Emperor claimed right to intervene) • These transcended powers tried to trump local authority • At end of the Thirty Years’ War, the power of church and empire and ability to claim right to have final say was diminished, a system emerged where king/prince were much more able to exercise complete sovereignty over their territory • Thirty Years’ War marks a period of new nationalism and sovereignty (the beginning of it) • The changes that occurred were first limited to western Europe but, with French revolution and nationalism as a political ideology it began to to spread – not overnight, evolutionary process • **Date for Statue of Westminster, Thirty Years’ War The Future of the Westphalia State (Will Dominance of the Westphalia State Continue?) Two Sides of Argument: 1. The End is Neigh 2. Plus ca Change The End is Neigh (Factors/Challenges Will Lead to its Demise) 1) Globalization (Economic) - “Interdependent” - Trade - Economic - Population - Ideas • The demands of globalization represent an existential threat to the Westphalia state • The global economy has become so interconnected or “interdependent” that individual states are losing their ability to determine their own future or policy (i.e. their sovereignty is under threat) Trade • e.g. Interest rates and trade (a country big or small cannot lower interest rates without worrying about how global system will react) • e.g. Events in Japan destroying auto plant causing impact in North America through job lay offs, drought in Australia putting strain on people in other areas; all economies so intertwined, individual nations cannot protect themselves from these effects or completely determine them rather, they are at the mercy of these forces Population • Population
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