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Lecture 8

POLS 1150 Lecture 8: Democratic and Non-Democratic Regimes Cont'd (January 25)

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Political Science
POLS 1150
Mark Yanisziewski

Lecture 7: Democratic and Non-Democratic Regimes Cont’d – January 25 Reading: People, Politics, and Government, pp. 100-109 and 120-128 Political Regimes Around the World (Democratic, Totalitarian, Authoritarian) Totalitarian Regimes Cont’d Totalitarianism (term, origin) • Consensus that term emerged after Benito Mussolini’s rise to power (in 1920s to describe regime) • Gained prominence around 1925, when Mussolini used term himself to describe regime • Academics began to use term as comparison of regimes o Like Fascism in Italy vs. National Socialism in Germany rather, than in isolation and saw similarities Characteristics of a Totalitarian Regime Ideology • Is used to legitimize everything about this regime, is the centre of it • Even secular ones employ (also called “Political religions”) • One end or other, no centre (enemy or with the party) – no apolitical Mass Parties • “Transmission belt” • Political party designed to take will of leader and transmit to masses • Il Duce (the leader, Mussolini), der Fuhrer, Comrade Stalin • Charismatic leader at top • Involves all people in their activities Validation and Propaganda • Statues of leader • To show masses and opponents regime is accomplishing something/fulfilling promises • Showy/ostentatious displays Degradation of Civil Society • Civil society referring to all social units outside of the government • Totalitarian regimes refuse to share political power with other groups • No meaningful opposition • Media, courts, police, military, bureaucracy controlled by regime • Recognize no constitutional limits in all aspects of society • Seek to influence/control all aspects of life o e.g. Nazi Germany programmed health of people to eat less meat/processed foods,
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