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Lecture 11

POLS 1150 Lecture 11: Praetorianism Cont'd (February 1)

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Political Science
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POLS 1150
Mark Yanisziewski

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Lecture 11: Praetorianism Cont’d – February 1 Reading: Kenneth W. Kemp and Charles Hudlin, “Civil Supremacy over the Military: Its Nature and Limits,” Armed Forces & Society, Vol. 19, No. 1 (Fall 1992), pp. 7-26. [E-Journal] Control Through Domination Why and When of the Coup d’etat (the military interjects) Cont’d Motivation – Inhibiting, Enabling Inhibiting (Factors Deterring a Coup d’etat) • High risk/danger of failing to take power o Perhaps face arrest • Internalized civilian ethics o If taught by society for majority of life to protect the state, it may be difficult to be willing to participate in a coup d’etat ▪ e.g. Wehrmacht soldiers told to oppose the Nazi regime were torn between duty to the state and their own personal beliefs • Problem of legitimacy o Idea in politics that you follow orders because it is right to do so in democracies o Legitimacy is a function of winning elections ▪ Military dictatorships basis of legitimacy is ability to fight way to top ▪ For other regimes such as monarchies the heir is granted legitimacy through succession Enabling (Factors Enabling a Coup d’etat) • National emergency o Claim that if the military does not intervene, chaos will ensue o Only the military can take over in this dire situation • Corporate and not so corporate interests o Corporate (the military as a whole) is sometimes motivated to take power to better the armed forces o Not so corporate (smaller group – not entirety of military but, maybe section or individual) ▪ e.g. Military takes power to protect interests of an ambitious g
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