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Lecture 12

POLS 1150 Lecture 12: Praetorianism Cont'd and Constitutions (February 3)

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Political Science
POLS 1150
Mark Yanisziewski

Lecture 12: Praetorianism Cont’d – February 3 Reading: Kenneth W. Kemp and Charles Hudlin, “Civil Supremacy over the Military: Its Nature and Limits,” Armed Forces & Society, Vol. 19, No. 1 (Fall 1992), pp. 7-26. [E-Journal] Civil-Military Tensions – In “Democracies” Cont’d 2. Technical Decisions/Actions Impact Political Debates • e.g. WW2 in Canada o PM promised earlier not to implement conscription o “The logistical train grows disproportionately” o The Canadian military allowed the number of support staff (logistical train – base camps, hospital, ammunition, etc.) to grow disproportionate to the number of soldiers o Canadian force split into two in Europe - need twice as many ammo dumps, etc. o Canadian military began to run out soldiers due to the length of the war o Military misled civilian authorities and stated were enough soldiers so, conscription would not have to be implemented o In the end, the government was forced to make a controversial decision to implement conscription o The technical aspects in the Canadian military, contributed to a political crisis – tensions between English and French as forced to implement conscription 3. Mutinies • Soldiers displeased with working conditions and/or refuse to fight • Represent a breakdown between military and civil authorities 4. Micromanagement of Military Operations • Civilian governments attempt to control and intrude in militaries operations o e.g. Decide which targets can/cannot be attacked • Advances in technology/communication have allowed civilians authorities and politicians to influence battlefields in real time and bypass the military chain of command, or micromanage the chain of command • Is there a danger with non-specialists (in military operations) making decisions that could be better decided by someone with proper education and understanding? • Canadian soldiers on peacekeeping missions complain are asked too many questions that go back to the federal government in Ottawa 5. A Higher Calling • When there is tension created between the military and government due to a crisis, it causes both sides, more so the military to question whether following the proper chain of command is appropriate in those circumstances o Perhaps they must disobey orders and answ
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