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University of Guelph
Political Science
POLS 1150

1 POLS 1150 - 01 The Making of the liberal Democratic State Recognizing Ideological Positions and Categories Monday October 21 2013 Social Cleavages: societal basis of engagement • social division - collective identity - organized (interests) • other cleavages historically: • -class - being conscious of yourself as a labourer • many of those workers are considered middle class • in the U.S there is an organized middle class, but no political sense of a working class movement that is recognized by any party - the only country that does not have a labor party • -urban/rural divide - cities have a much a grater population to vote/serve • everything affects their quality of life • -centre/periphery • reinforcing cleavages • -fragmentation? - when do they become political challenges? when you have reinforcing cleavages, a group that has one or more (ex. religion), and a segment of the population has a religious and an ethnic identity, that reinforces the cleavage of that group compared to other groups. If we have language and culture, and an ethnic identity, this can be reinforcing • cross cutting cleavages: less alienating? Ideology: • "a more or less consistent set of beliefs about the nature of society in which individuals live and about the proper role of the state in establishing or maintaining that society (Johnson book) Dominance of Liberalism 2 • historically is what ahs happened in a nation stat • begin liberal and evolve to democratic • tenets of liberalism are : • freedom/liberty, melliorism (betterment), individualism, egalitarianism (not economic equality, but rather opportunity) • Karl Marx: • -bourgeoisie ideas dominate • -abstracted so that they appear universal • Antoni
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