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Lecture 3

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Political Science
POLS 1150

1 POLS 1150 - 01 Friday September 13 2013 The NormativeApproach Political philosophy: • through reason and taking history as a guide, philosophers theorize and make judgements about what is best politically, what should be done • build on preceding philosophical treatises • depends on beliefs, values about the nature of human beings • develop terms that are concepts, told of theorizing and making judgements • in political science departments referred to as political theory • do arguments justify the status quo or criticize it The Empirical (positivist) approach • concerned with the study of facts, observable data as in the natural sciences • systematizing: inputs and output • - Qualitative: method of study through observation, interviews, documented evidence • - Quantitative: concentrates on statistical analysis. Must be able to measure variables numerically in order to sow relationship, correlations and their significance through mathematical formulae • multivariate analysis Empirical method on voting behaviour • women will look more at social policy more than mean • theory political outcomes depend on individual preferences • proposition: voting behaviour differs according to individual attributes • hypothesis (es) 2 • example: voting behaviour demands on... • - dependent variable: voting behaviour • - independent variables operationalize: which method? • qualitative method • -documenting evidence • OR quantitative method • - statistical analysis: numerically measurable variables, mathematical formulate to prove relationship (correlation, significance) Research Design Observation/data Analysis Generalization Reformulation Behaviouralism and the behavioural revolution after WW11 • after WW11 young men missed years of education and had to be reint
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