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Political Science
POLS 1150

1 POLS 1150 - 01 What is political science Monday September 9 2013 Nation - State: • state - the enduring governing structures including the constitution and institutions that delineate authority over a particular territory and population • centralized authority with the legitimate power of coercion (Max Weber: a monopoly over violence) Government: • refers to a particular group of persons directing political affairs and holding the prerogatives (rights and privileges) of the state at the present time - the government of the day • the bureaucracy : offices and agencies that carry out policies, programs Regime/Polity • the political aspects of a state including fundamental or constitutional rules and relationships embodied in institutions • what is regime change? coercion, cooperation, consent • coercion and violence • power is usually mediated by relationships of authority • politics is the exercising power, most often through relationships of authority that imply legitimacy and consent • authority is made with consent • traditional authority - charismatic authority - legal rational authority Traditional • source of authority: custom, tradition 2 • ex. monarchy in Canada, the church • the positions are held by ascription - son of something , you will become what your father was • inequality is accepted, and is considered legitimate - the noble class is not equal to everyone else • little mobility - very difficult to change your class • social obligation between classes by custom tradition Ideal types of political authority Charismatic authority • source of authority: divine, beyond human reason • special quality beyond ordinary human characteristics, reason Legal - rational authority • Max Weber's era • source of authority: based in human reason • positions held by merit - education • equality of opportunity, mobility • he saw a rise in class, not just scientist
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