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The Evolution of the nation - sept 16.docx

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University of Guelph
Political Science
POLS 1150

1 POLS 1150 - 01 The Evolution of the nation - state Monday September 16 2013 • has not always been a nation state throughout history • ClassicalAntiquity: • - city states • - originated many of the terms we use in political science today: democracy, monarchy, oligarchy, dictatorship, republic, senate, citizen Feudalism • society of ascription and inequality • reciprocal obligations between the nobility and the serfs • serfs: peasants tied to the land - in Europe • papal authority starts to become undermined and under duress Decentralized power • Authority dispersed among the nobility • king paramount among peers • dependent on nobility to raise armed force • political power based on a combination of traditional and church (papal) authority: • Ecclesiastical authority established divine right of the king and the bestowed something the political evolution of the nation - state is marked by the confluence of several historical events that both influence and give evidence of the rise of liberalism the nation state Emergence of new econo
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