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Political Science
POLS 1150

The Media and Democratic Representation How does the media affect democratic representation? Wednesday November 6 2013 The Murdoch Scandal • the power of a media empire • Murdoch used to be seen as the emblem of what was going wrong with the traditional mass media • the worry was that the traditional mass media filtered information that informed the public • one of the filters was and still s the concentration of ownership • when one corporation owns many newspapers and television outlets, and major defence industries (in the states; General electric) • G.E is not happy when the media says that military budgets are too high • the concentration of ownership is concentration in many areas • Murdoch owns television, and a huge influence on the editorial positions of the newspapers • advertising filters - • news makers - where is news made? the white house • that can shape reporters on 24 hour news channels • news shapers - news experts are asked to comment on something - but what if someone never is asked the other point of view (s) • flak filter - giving flak to the media to accuse them of this stays in people's minds • it is hard to become an informed citizen when there is a one sided media Campaigns and traditional mass media • difference between PR and SMP • PR - parties where your vote counts, and what happens between campaigns there tends to be more focus on policy, than in single member plurality where there is more focus on the leader • shows how electoral systems are run • potential for coalition makes campaigns much more concerned with policy • another thing with PR systems, they tend to have more regulations on the media • usually it is demanded that the public broadcaster allows time • it does not depend on party finances because it has to be equal to all parties • this is different from north America - the CBC has to give some time, however for the rest is paid for advertising • in the winner take all atmosphere, advertising is key Media demands • need to project an image • the horse race - a good way for the media to keep it exciting for citizens and viewers • poling becomes very important • trade off between reports and politicians - reporters need stories that can be verified very quickly, so the strike up relationships • of course you are not going to bite the hand that feeds you • there is some concern that you get t
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