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Political Science
POLS 1150
Michael Szala

Chapter 4 The Role of the Government What Do Governments DoGovernments may look different but all perform similar tasksFundamentally about regulating societySecurity in numbers society protects us from isolationTwo main purposes for government security and welfareImportant relationship must have security to achieve welfareGovernment Regulation Rules mean agreement on how system should be runtries to enforce them Football gamerulestends to be the way of politicsbending rules to gain power vs jungle huntradical Rules pattern activities in society but not all rules are the same in different countriesGovernmentsreferees are the outcome of politics since political organization leads to structureShared Objectives of GovernmentGovernments try to achieve independence stability and economic and social wellbeing of all citizenspromote their economies Some more successful some less concerned Liberal democracysocial wellbeing vs authoritarianismless concerned with social wellbeingMore on these government types later Activities of GovernmentGovernments once primarily concerned with survival and threat of warsecurity Some felt government should only protect citizens others felt its responsibilities extended to providing benefitsToday less fear about external threats has led to more attention on welfare benefits for citizens Economic Management When governments pass res
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