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Political Science
POLS 1150
Michael Szala

Unitary vs Federal States Political Systems We now know that all political systems are divided differently Eg executive and legislative powersAuthority will vary from central governments in different countries and regional governments too Eg provinces statesPower sharing in Canada is unique Distributing Power within the StateSome systems have strong central authorities Centralization concentration of power in a single body usually the principal governmentbe all end all little power is delegated to other smaller areas of the country Almost all systems have some sharing but many have deeper levels of decentralization Process whereby power and authority is taken from the central government and conferred to noncentral for example state regional or provincial governmentssmaller govts tend to be more successful with dealing with the issues of that area instead of the federal govt try to deal with issues from all over the country Unitary SystemsUnitary sovereignty is concentrated in the national government although in some cases some powers may be given to subnational authorities in a unitary system this is referred to as delegated authorityStrong central governmentmore centralizedmay still have other systems but most authority remains in their hands whatever they decide to give to small systems they can easily take backDesire to consolidate power to make system efficientthe more govts you have the harder it is to recognize who the real power is90 of states are unitary Sometimes power is given to regions through delegated authority Situation where some powers may be given to subnational authorities by the national government in a unitary systemSome systems have shared limited powers through devolution eg Scotland and Wales Political system where some authority is given to regional
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