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Political Science
POLS 1150
Michael Szala

Political Participation Elections and Parties Democracy and VotingMost direct way we are involved is through voting and elections Choosing governors whereby individual citizens cast their vote for candidates running for officeThis can be through direct democracy Political system where citizens are directly involved in the decisionmaking process Quite rare since it is organizationally and functionally difficult to have everyone involved in the processMore common is indirect democracy Political system of representation where citizens elect a delegate to act on their behalfAlso knows as representative democracy Political system where voters elect others to act on their behalfMost political systems including Canada rely on choosing representatives rather than direct involvementRight to vote is not always fully democraticSuffrage granting of the right to vote historically has been evolutionary where some groups were not necessarily given the same rights Eg women minorities Aboriginals See Box 74 for suffragette movement Age of voting in Canada is 18See Box 71 for more on who votes in Canada How Voting WorksMost often candidates for election will represent a political partyParties have their own rules and processes for choosing their candidates and set their own election platforms Positions of political parties or individuals regarding issues and political intentionsSome will be independents or independent political candidates belonging to no political partyCandidates will run in ridings or constituencies Territorial or geographical localities ridings represented by a politician chosen through the electoral processConstituencies are based on region and who lives where through enumer
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