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University of Guelph
Political Science
POLS 1150
Michael Szala

Political Socialization and Culture Being Involved in PoliticsPrevious lecture examined elections and partiesTwo of the main ways people get involved politicallyThis lecture will look at other ways people become political Political SocializationWe are influenced by our surroundings and our environmentThis socialization creates our political cultureSet of attitudes beliefs and values that underpin any political system Evolve over timeMany influences media government interest groups parties form of political systemCan be formal Through education for instance learning about Canadian political system singing anthem at schoolInformal Influence of our families and peers for instance Moral and ethical values learned during upbringingMay lead to very divergent resultsConsider varied political cultures in Canada Media and PoliticsAlways a major player in politics but arguably more influential todayAKA fourth estate other estates clergy nobles commonersA check on the power of governmentAge of Internet means nonstop news reporting and access to all forms of opinionBut what is most useful Perils and Promise of MediaWide options should present us with more informationMedia has become more market orientedInformation is often presented in a packaged format with little difference from each sourceWith so much choice do we get variety of o
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