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Political Science
POLS 1400
Nanita Mohan

ByAws NabeelChapter 1 The study of politics Pages 324 The political systemIts best to begin with the 34 million individuals who inhabit the territory called Canada All of these individuals have an array of needs that they attempt to satisfy ranging from water and food through security and friendship to selfesteem and selffulfillment Abraham Maslow ranked peoples needs some being more basic than othersPrivate of voluntary sector those parts of society and the economy that function separately from government Government should take some action we are converting a need into a demand and crossing the threshold to the public sectorDemand is the expression of opinion that some government action to be takenGovernments do not necessarily wait for demands to be articulated they often seek out the expectations of the electorate The first fundamental question that arises in politics and government is therefore whether people should solve their own problems or whether they should ask the government or the state to intervene Almost everyone agrees that the government should provide certain security measures such as police service and armed forces The population may be more divided however on the extent to which the government should provide such programs as social assistance social housing public pensions and universal health care The divisions cost money and usually relies on taxes of one kind State should regulate and how much regulation is appropriate Government can be defined as the set of institutions that make and enforce collective public decisions for a society Power is often defined in political science as the ability of one actor to impose its w
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