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Liberals vs conservatives

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Political Science
POLS 1400
Nanita Mohan

LiberalismEmbraced major changesIndividualismsynonymous to liberalism focus on the individual group recognitionrights of collective groups ethnic groupsPrimary objective of establishing policies in liberalism is to improve human welfare collectively as opposed to individually top to bottom approach state at the top welfare at the bottomLast few elections the state was less involvedStill the most dominant ideology in Canada about 50 of Canadians will agree that they are liberal even though they vote for other partiessocial liberals and fiscally conservativeChild care universalheavy taxation CONSERVATISMCharacterised by individualism individual freedom above social equalityMinimum government involvement small government 26 government ministerscabinetrecently merging Traditional ideology oppose changesLow taxesharper wants corporate tax cutsConstantly won elections harper due to the campaign 2006only said 5 things he wanted to do not a lot of claims or promises st Provisions Harper brought up in the 2006 elections5 major things he came up with 1promised everymom that shed get 100 a month per child until they are 6money is ta
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