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Political Science
POLS 1400
Nanita Mohan

LEGISLATUREIn Canada house of commons308 members and senate105 membersFunctions of the legislaturerepresentationeach member of parliamenthouse of commons represents a writingcities legislationpassing bills must go through the house of commons and senate authorizing expenditure making governmentsnew leaderscreating and dissolvingdeliberations bills expenditure house of commons and senateeverything in the country KEY WORDSParliamentary government and constitutional government governor generalBicameral legislature2 houses commons and senate3 parts executivehighest power back bench opposition Representative governmentSession135 days of work only not 95Speech from throne budget speech 21 opposition days In Canada our parliament is more of a fusion of different components where the presidential method is dividedPrime minister is very powerfulpass bills without going through legislatureHOUSE OF COMMONSMPs member of parliament Elected through First Past the Post systemperson with most votes wins 308 membersrep by pop 90000100000 repd by the mpSome provincesterritories are overunderrepresented All money bills originate in the Commons DAILY BASIS IN THE HOUSE OF COMMONSMonday11 am6 pm Tuesdays and Thursdays 10 am6 pm Wednesdays 2 6 pm Friday 10 6Mp 160 000 plus extra for position Pm 160 000150 000 5 TYPES OF AGENDA IN THE HOUSE OF COMMONS Urgent businessRoutine business Government days Opposition days 20 daysPrivate member daysStrategic and structured
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