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Political Science
POLS 2000
Scott Brandon

POLS*2000 Thursday September 5 , 2013 Lecture #1 • Reading the text, listening to the authors and the great books approach. Trying to understand the arguments as presented by the author. These authors are presenting their opinions on these permanent problems. • Political Action aims at preservation and change. Preservation is preventing change to the worse from occurring. All political action also aiming at change is working to bring about the better. • The thought of the good guides are actions, and is expressed as opinion. Various opinions of good and the good life lead us to question our own understanding of the good. We have to arrive at an understanding of the good that is no longer opinion, but only fact. Political Philosophy’s goal is to replace political opinion of the good with political knowledge of the good. Political Philosophy does not live or die based on whether or not it arrives at the endpoint, but rather the quest of learning about political philosophy. • Political Philosophy implies that is a part of a large whole. Philosophy is the love of wisdom. Political Philosophy is a branch of philosophy that deals with political manners in a way that is relevant to political life. Quest for universal knowledge or knowledge of the whole. • What is the good life? Science will tell us that it is subjective. • Logical Positivism – Anything that can be answered with evidence must be discarded. The only knowledge that counts is scientific knowledge because of its descriptive and factual nature. Political Philosophy was declared dead because of its subjective nature. • Historicism – All human thought is reducible (traced) to a certain historical period. The w
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