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Political Science
POLS 2000
Frank Cameron

Socrates is one of the first philosophers to concern himself with human affairs Socrates devoted his youth to sciencePlato is one of a handful of sources for SocratesThere was no published writing by Socrates so how do we know about himPlatoXenophonAristophanesCloudsPlato is the mouthpiece of SocratesThere is no one who believes that the defense speech that we are reading is Socrates defense speech verbatimPlato is the writerPlato is a ventriloquist of sorts he is putting words into Socrates mouth that comes from himFrom the very beginning of the apology Socrates proclaims that he is telling a truthful speech I am going to tell you the truth but the speech itself is somewhat of a lie because it is not Socrates true speechApologiadefense speech formalDOES NOT MEAN APOLOGYThere are jurors and a jury which consists of any male Athenian man but there is no judgeThe citizens of Athens are judging Socrates as they are the jury Phi
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