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Political Science
POLS 2080
Adam Sneyd

POLS 2080 Lecture October 1 , 2013 Today’s Lecture 1) Summing up on "The Third World project” a. Where did it go? Who is taking/has taken responsibility for the project? b. Sources for terms linked to the TW project - search Sneyd on the Globalization and Autonomy Website - very helpful for midterms – key terms and definitions (study guide) 2) Globalization a. Definition b. Winners and losers? - Video - Discussion and debate 3) Global political economy of development 4) Debating debt - What is the role of debt in development? 2) Globalization - Debt and globalization are related to the Third World Project - Economic Globalization = economic integration - Globalization involves a bunch of other factors, not just economy - Globalization = more intense connections between people across boarders (talk to people more frequently), more different kinds of connections between people (more extensive connections), time and space shrink, world is a faster, more interconnected place, territory matters less (doesn’t matter where you are – can still connect to other parts of the world) - deterritorialization = territory matters less Summary – Globalization means more intensive connections, more extensive connections, and territory matters less Winners Losers - BRICS (emerging countries, territories)? - Middle class? - Groups (rich/elite)? - Indigenous people? - Middle class? - Low-wage workers in developing world? - Tax evaders - Culture/cultural economies - Low-wage workers in developing world? - Blue collar - Young people - Environment - Cultural homogenizers - NSA [Type text] [Type text] [Type text]  All of these are controversial/debatable - Winners make the price, whereas losers take the price People lose because they don’t have the ability to adapt to the program - The “program” is individualism - Need to be liberal - Need to be entrepreneurial - The winners blame victims of globalization Winners have been taking control Benefits and costs of globalization: Benefits Costs - Technology (health, agriculture, etc.) - Culture - Globalized people (volunteers opportunity) - Language - Urbanization - Life ways - One-worldism - Environment/externalities - You should be able to have a mental list of what is a cost, and what is a benefit of globalization, and be able to back it up!! (Example from textbook, lecture, etc.) The Global Political Economy of Development - 3 main ideas in these slides - Big government vs. neoliberalism/market fundamentalism - Institutions: World Bank - Power: Creditors/lenders and Debt Defining Development • Like many social science concepts, the concept of development remains ill defined and ultimately contested POLS 2080 Lecture October 1 , 2013 • That said, there is a common thread in the literature: many of todays’ leading observers understand development to be a process and also a condition - do you remember my definition? • Does ‘development’ discourse necessarily marginalize the ‘rest’? • In the 1950s development was defined in terms of economic growth - and this view has been challenged continuously since the 1970s • Kuznets Curve (graph in textbook) - Inflection point – inequality so extreme, new concerns, measures need to be taken to reduce the ineq
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