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Political Science
POLS 2200
Mark Yanisziewski

November 20 The English School  Originated in the US back in 50s by American scholars o Tried to combine realism and liberalism  At the time US at cusck of behaviourist revolution  Handful of American scholar who worked with their English counterparts (that's where name came from), flourished in England  Fundamental core: join together realism and liberalism, reconcile the two o Not as pessimistic as realists on possibility of co-operation Positivists vs. post-positivists  Positivists - reality is there, objectively there o Behaviourists o Traditional (where English school fits in)  Reason why they reject behaviourists is because it is hard to quantify things using a statistical technique (ie. What is the number for justice?)  Traditional -> qualitative, behaviourists -> quantitative  Post-Positivists - believe reality is a property of mind; what we think is real o Postmodernists o Discourse o Constructivists The English school  International system  international society  Each individual in are at least interconnected with one another in society  International politics is anarchic but at the same time there is at least some order o Common rules and values between players, especially big ones  What makes it an international society? o Enlightened self-interest becomes a widely entrenched international norm o Example- Greeks and Persians  Not uncommon for a ruler to show his disdain of the other ruler by killing the emissary (representative, messenger)  Greatly inhibited rulers to talk to each other  Beneficial to not kill other emissary so they don't kill ours, we will be able to talk to each other  Diplomatic immunity entrenched in international law  Other examples: Pearl Harbour, WWII
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