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POLS*2200 International Relations Lecture

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Political Science
POLS 2200
Ian Spears

Tuesday Sept 20 2011 Important to know who is a realist Thucydies Mac Hobbs etcWhy concerned about survival You live in a condition of anarchyThucydieso Melian dialogue Surrender or die Useless to stand up for what is right when confronted by power Melians are idiots for falling for that pity them Morality and reason are useless when confronted by overwhelming power even when youre righto Story of Samuel Grey If you wanna survive youll get out of the way Eg Toyota vs Greyhound Wish it was different but thats the way it is o Might makes right still relevant today o Billiard ballsdoesnt matter their colour gender personalitytheyll all behave the same way o Logic of power politics is universally applicableo Have we changed at all Maybewe now have indirect ways of conquering the world game is the same we just changed how we play no more rules of engagement no more honour people have more agency over the states cliam moral principles yet still vicious
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