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POLS*2200 International Relations Lecture

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Political Science
POLS 2200
Ian Spears

Thursday Sept 2211 Best chance of survival is ensured by adopting the worst practices Nice people do nasty things because of the situations they find themselves in eg stag hunts Why cant we make poverty historyo These are things human beings should be able to solve o We have plenty of food to go around o Government intervention the cause Subsidizing cows and methane o If we work together we can solve it Climate change you first nations say as leaders meet for climate change Might be an economic cost to stopping climate change therefore we dont want to do it unless everyone else is going to Nobody is willing to go first thats the challenge of a competitive international system Stag hunt gives us insight on the problems of solving the biggest problems facing us We know that problems existwere unable to subvert our personal interests for a collective gain Oprah No one person has so much money that they were willing to give everything away and risk that loss Theres solutions but they dont happen generation after generation War has not stoppedLiberals say were better off doing fine realists say theyre worried cause that person is doing better than me Realists worried about relative gains if someone is improving faster than you then youre in trouble Means that youre reluctant to cooperate if it means someone else will b
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