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Political Science
POLS 2250
Tim Mau

February 6, 2013 – POLS2250 - PMO office o Caries in size – typically 100-200 people o Certain key positions include chief of staff, senior policy advisor, research director, director of operations, director of communications - PMO office duties o Throne speech o Provides technical, political and policy advice to the PM o Monitors political developments for impact on prime minister o No statutory authority – power derives from its closeness to the prime minister - PMO advises on is critical o How the media portrays o How likely or unlikely the government party will be voted in o They want to get and then retain power Treasury Board Secretariat - treasury board o treasury board’s secretariat is the central agency – also serves as the comptroller general of Canada (financial controls) o cabinet committee o only cabinet committee enshrined in legislation (their MUST be a treasury board, it’s law – other committees can be changed or removed or added according to the PM) o ‘president’ of treasury board, not minister of treasury board o only one with large bureaucracy (secretariat) reporting to it o it’s the cabinet committee on expenditure budget (sometimes referred to as the ‘guardian’) Department of Finance - analysis and advice on broad economic and financial affairs - key responsibilities o preparing the budget o developing tax and tariff legislation o manage federal borrowing o administering major federal transfers o regulatory policy for financial sector o represent Canada in international financial institutions - monitors and researches the perf
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