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Tim Mau

POLS 2250 – February 27, 2013 New Zealand CTV W5 Video - New Zealand’s economy - Auckland (place in New Zealand) Council ran out of money - Auckland Zoo – had to shoot baby hippo – had no room to expand hippo pen - 3 and a half million people - 1984, everything changed – “disappearing gov’t” - “Beehive” is what the building is called where gov’t gathered - New Zealand’s credit ran out - Have no foreign exchange – New Zealand bonds were not selling - When a country defaults on a bond? If we default on one loan, you default all loans and credit will be blown everywhere - Canada has debt more extreme than New Zealand - Sheep has been the big dollar earner for New Zealand - 1973 – PM Maldoon did not take the hit but borrowed money to keep up standard of living - Air New Zealand went to Australia, telephone company to America, three- quarters of countries post-office were shut down - Buying used cars that don’t even work from Tokyo – NZ paid good money for these cars too. Elderly NZ didn’t want to from the Japanese. - NZ needs for
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