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Feb 4, 2013 CENTRAL AGENCIES  EITHER CREATED OR INCREASED IN POWER UNDER TRUDEAU (1968)  MISTRUST OF ADVICE FROM OPERATING DEPARTMENTS  ADVOCATE OF „RATIONAL MANAGEMENT‟ – COMPETING SOURCE OF ADVICE/INFORMATION  INCREASED SIZE AND STRENGTH OF AGENCIES – PMO AND PCO IN PARTICULAR – CONTINUED UNDER MULRONEY  GENERALLY AGREEMENT THAT 4 ORGANIZATIONS ARE CENTRAL AGENCIES – PMO, PCO, TBS & FINANCE PRIVY COUNCIL OFFICE (PCO)  Reports to the PM & CABINET – serves are the secretary to the cabinet, small grouped of individuals, but powerful in terms of influence  Headed by the Clerk of the Privy council – it is staffed with career public servants, which is different from the prime minster office that are loyal to the prime minster  Staffed with career civil servants - (ON THE EXAM)   Provides expert, NON-PARTISAN policy advice and administrative support to the PM, CABINET & CABINET COMMITTEES – Stephan harper has 7 cabinet committees  prepares agendas and organizes cabinet committee meetings; prepares informational material and analytical briefing notes to ministers; takes and circulates minutes of meetings; disseminates both cabinet and committee decisions  typically 150-175 employees – “super-bureaucrats” – if you want to become a deputy minster, your going to have to work in the privy council CLERK OF THE PRIVY COUNCIL  3 KEY ROLES o PRIME MINISTER‟S DEPUTY MINISTER o SECRETARY TO CABINET o
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