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Political Science
POLS 2250
Tim Mau

February 11, 2013 – POLS 2250 – Week 6 LECTURE (1 of 3) Midterm Format - February 25 (Monday) - Covers all lectures and course readings up to and including week six on new public management o I am not looking for obscure facts from the textbook; focus on the key concepts that are critical to understanding public management. o Take your cues as to what is important from the types of concepts and issues that I have discussed in lectures (look for overlap Mau said) Format - section A – multiple choice question (1 mark each) - section B – 1 essay question (25 marks) o some element of choice (probably 3 or 4 options to choose from) o think about broad themes dealt with in the course) - grade out of 50 marks (worth 25% of final grade) Crown Corporations - functional definitions o corporations that provide goods or services to the public on a commercial or quasi-commercial basis o some provide expert advice to government and Canadians such as the Standards Council of Canada o some perform regulatory functions like the Atomic Energy of Canada Ltd. Which had responsibility of overseeing the safety of our nuclear structure o stabilize commodity prices like the Canadian Dairy Commission o Lambert Commission – six key elements necessary in terms of identifying a crown corporation  Constituent act/letters of incorporation  Tasks akin to private sector entrepreneurial ventures  Wholly owned (when government does not own 100%)  Board of directors  Separate employer (in terms of the government, outside public service employment act – not bound by same rules in terms of hiring, firing, etc.)  Minister may give direction Forms of Public Enterprise - mixed enterprise o some shares of that entity are owned by the government – joint ownership between public and private sector in terms of that entity o benefit – access to private capital and skills o the concern is the question of accountability - joint enterprise o shares partly owned by government through the minister, but the partner or partners in this insistence is other levels of government February 11, 2013 – POLS 2250 – Week 6 LECTURE (1 of 3) o example: Lower Churchhill Development Corporation and the Northern Portage Development Corporation - Shared Governance Corporations o No share capital for government o But government, directly or through corwn corporation, has the right to appoint or nominate one or members to governing board o Examples: Greater Toronto Airports Authority, Coaching Association of Canada, Canadian Sports Centre, Vancouver Organizing Committee for 2010 Olympics - International Organizations o Corporate entities create pursuant to international agreements o Can either appoint board members or own shares o Examples: World Bank, World Anti-Doping Agency, Asian
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