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POLS 2250
Tim Mau

January 21, 2013 – POLS 2250 – Mau, T. Henri Fayol (1841 – 1925) Functions of Management: 1. forecast and plan into the future 2. organize 3. command 4. co-ordinate 5. control General Principles of Management: - division of work o (goal: more productive and better work and to maximize this production capacity) - authority and responsibility o (give orders, this fits in with organization – have expectation that they are going to obey) - discipline o (discipline is notion of obedience – outward marks of respect) - unity of command o (best structured or organized if each subordinate reports to no more then one organizations superior) - unity of direction o (one plan, one head for group of activities that ultimately have the same objective – cannot exist without the former but does not flow from it …?) - remuneration of personnel o (payment for services rendered in the organization – the different forms of payment should be fair – should encourage keenness – should not lead to overpayment beyond reasonable limits – time rate (hourly), job rate (wage), peace rate (paid per unit produced i.e. a factory) - centralization o (like the division of work, thought to connect to natural order of things – question of proportion – have to find the optimal balance between centralization and control – uniformity across the control vs. provincial gov’t ability on its own to determine things like healthcare, etc. Frederick Taylor (1856 – 1915) - scientific management or ‘taylorism’ - he felt that the one best management is a true science o you can scientifically study work to see the best type of way to structure that job o his focus was the individual in the workplace, not society as a whole - one best way to perform tasks - this could be discovered through scientific research and applied by others January 21, 2013 – POLS 2250 – Mau, T. - time and motion studies o argued best crafts person of the error knew how these tasks could best be performed because of their wisdom o proposed to examine every task or every job that their was within an organization and investigate the various components of that work through rigorous scientific process then make that process known to all other workers – he thought he could improve efficiency - new role for managers – design and conduct experiments; train and supervise in techniques o each shuttle load – to discover this one best way he conducted an experiment with first class shuttlers and they altered the amount of coal on each of these shuttles then over a period of time and
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