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Political Science
POLS 2250
Tim Mau

MARCH 1, 2013 – POLS 2250 LECTURE [WEEK 7] 10 Principles of Entrepreneurial Government - catalytic government – street vs. row (identify problems, but not necessarily be the ones who actually provide the services) ; government as facilitator/catalyst; third party government - community owned government – communities have more commitment and understand problems better; eg. community policing and parent councils at school (everything in gov’t was potentially for sale in that NZ video – remember “Sharp” advertised on hospital? Or the car advertisements on police cars?) – if communities took initiatives for themselves, you will understand the problems better and ultimately get a better result - competitive government – infuse competition in delivery of services; greater efficiency – three times – public-public, public-private (public works departments may have lost on ability or contract to do garbage collection and beat by a private company, a new request for proposals went out and talked about how city staff who lost responsibility for that service can sharpen their pencils to win that contract back) , private-private - mission-driver government – focus on mission not rules, greater efficiency and innovation; mission-driver budgets (save it, invest it) - results-oriented government – focus on outcomes/results, reward success (less concerned about process of getting to these results – people typically have a salary – you can sometimes earn 3, 4 times more then regular salary if you get bonuses) - customer-driven government – meet the needs of the customer, not the bureaucracy – eg. voucher system for schools (choice) (NPM really focusing that gov’t needs to provide quality services to citizens – one of the examples is the voucher system – used in many states – gives you flexibility – live in neighbourhood, high school that feeds that neighbourhood – have to go to that high school – xyz school may have better reputation – all based on residential address, can’t go there – you can take that voucher that the gov’t gives you, and go there – if you want to take that 10 grand voucher and send your child to a private school where it is more money, you can do that also – number of students attending the neighbourhood school may decline, school shuts down) - enterprising government – earn money, not just spend it; user fees (notion that they should start thinking about ways of how they can earn profits rather than spend money – looking for ways to implement user fees – those citizens who are the direct recipients of that service, that they would pay an additional co
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