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University of Guelph
Political Science
POLS 2250
Tim Mau

Wednesday, March 06, 2013 – POLS 2250 Lecture Continued from last lecture… - La Releve (means reawakening) (1998) o Stands for: leadership, action, renewal, energy, learning, expertise, values, experience o Point was to improve or implement change in public service Start of today’s lecture… ALTERNATIVE SERVICE DELIVERY (ASD)  ASD – “A CREATIVE AND DYNAMIC PROCESS OF PUBLIC SECTOR RESTRUCTURING THAT IMPROVES THE DELIVERY OF SERVICES TO CLIENTS BY SHARING GOVERNANCE FUNCTIONS WITH INDIVIDUALS, COMMUNITY GROUPS & OTHER ENTITIES” (ZUSSMAN) - notion of restructuring in how the gov’t… - improves service delivery o ensure public is more directly involved in the process – customer satisfaction surveys - notion of shared gov’ts – individuals, groups and other levels of gov’t  SHIFT TO GOVERNANCE   ROOTED IN NPM PARADIGM - until fairly recently, typically they would chose or rely upon one of the three traditional forms we looked at before the midterm (reg. agency, crown corp., etc.) - now we have a whole series of different options in terms of how gov’t can go about conducting their business - need for innovation, flexibility and superior service delivery - Opportunities for program delivery alternatives: o federal government departments – controlled by the federal government, part of public sector, not commercialized o contracts and private partnering – part of private sector, controlled by federal government o provincial and municipal governments - part of public sector and independent o private enterprise (regulated sectors) – independent, part of private sector, highly commercialized  ATTRACTIVE BECAUSE OF PERCEIVED COST REDUCTIONS o One of the main reasons for having ASD – especially attractive to politicians – sensitive to how much taxations Canadians are being charged for these services, programs, etc.  NEW SKILL SET FOR PUBLIC SERVANTS REQUIRED o Negotiate these agreements and contracts with these private sector partners o Public servants need to be able to “manage horizontally”, work with other agencies and corporations outside of the public service ALTERNATIVE SERVICE DELIVERY  MANY VARIANTS OF ASD, BUT ALL POSSESS COMMON CHARACTERISTICS Wednesday, March 06, 2013 – POLS 2250 Lecture  DESIRE FOR COST EFFICIENCY  Gov’t try to get more bang for the buck and stretch tax dollars further  FLEXIBLE FINANCIAL & HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT  If you choose traditional gov’t department form, there are some limitations on salaries you can provide people, how you can hire and fire, union rules, so on and so forth.  ACCOUNTABILITY FRAMEWORKS  This is where a lot of these agreements fall flat – accountability measurements are really strong enough – true collaborative partnership involves sharing the rewards and risk – often take a disproportionate share of risk and give away the rewards.  SERVICE/PERFORMANCE STANDARDS  EVALUATION  Assess the extent to which these agreements living up to expectations  CAN OCCUR WITHIN GOVERNMENT OR IN PARTNERSHIP WITH PRIVATE AND VOLUNTARY SECTOR ALTERNATIVE SERVICE DELIVERY WITHIN GOVERNMENT  BETTER CO-OPERATION BETWEEN DEPARTMENTS – GOVERNMENT DEPARTMENTS CO-ORDINATING EFFORTS (HORIZONTAL MANAGEMENT) o Reflect on how gov’t themselves can do something different to change how these departments operate o Trying to break down some of those traditional silos that exist
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