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March 08, 2013 – POLS 2250 PASSPORT CANADA  CREATED IN 1990 – ONE OF FIRST 5 SOAs o Improve service delivery to Canadians o Product that they are selling, the Canadian passport  IMPETUS – TO IMPROVE SERVICE  OPERATES LIKE A PRIVATE SECTOR ENTERPRISE  COMPLETELY SELF-SUFFICIENT; REVOLVING FUND  PART OF DEPARTMENT OF FOREIGN AFFAIRS AND INTERNATIONAL TRADE  MAJOR DOCUMENTS: BUSINESS PLAN, ANNUAL REPORT o Business plan – targets for the year, revenue, customers, etc.  Turn around time for walk in  Two ways: application with fee and send to Ottawa and get passport back – 95% success rate of individuals who mail in  20 business days or four weeks  2010-2011 – 99% of passports were done in 20 business days or earlier  75% of calls should be answered with an 8 minute cue – 86% success rate  900,000 telephone calls that year o Report – how successful were we?  SERVICE STANDARD ALTERNATIVE SERVICE DELIVERY COLLABORATIVE ARRANGEMENTS / PARTNERSHIPS  WITHIN GOVERNMENT, BETWEEN GOVERNMENTS OR BETWEEN GOVERNMENT & PRIVATE OR NON-PROFIT SECTOR  4 TYPES OF PARTNERSHIP o CONSULTATIVE – SEEK EXPERT INPUT; LITTLE EMPOWERMENT  Lowest level March 08, 2013 – POLS 2250  State is seeking expert input or advice with respect to whatever initiatives is being planned or proposed with different groups or organizations in society o CONTRIBUTORY – PUBLIC SECTOR FUNDS OR SPONSORS AN ORGANIZATION  A lot of sponsorship activities in province of Quebec that lead to the sponsorship scandal and downfall of the Liberal party would have been this situation. o OPERATIONAL – PARTIES SHARE WORK, BUT NOT DECISION- MAKING AUTHORITY;  Government and group in question work together to achieve complementary or compatible goals  Sharing work, but not sharing decision making o COLLABORATIVE – TRUE PARTNERSHIPS; SHARED RISKS AND REWARDS; J
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