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Political Science
POLS 2250
Tim Mau

Jan. 30th Criticisms of Human Relations  School was criticized from both sides o Production conscious managers o Employee (too employeed centred)  Evolved into participatory management o Real opportunity into decision-making process for employees  Peter Drucker o Key contributor o Hierarchy and specialization-problematic o Communication and decentralized decision-making o Key benefits o Criticisms  Poorer decision at the end of the day  If we give public servants more decision-making how do we make sure someone is still being held accountable for their decisions  Slows down decision-making  Heightens expectations Organizational Development (OD)  Bring people, structures and technology into harmony o Plan and direct change and not simply fall victim to incremental or radical evolution  1) Unfreezing 2) Changing 3)Refreezing  Involves 4-step process o Diagnosis o Strategic planning  Pin point specific problem area and steps needed to be taken o Education o Evaluation  Key premises o Personal growth arises from honest, caring, non-manipulative relationships o Positive change if group feels a common identity o People more likely to change if understand reasons and ways to achieve it o Participation in decision-making increases co-operation o Increased participation = satisfaction and satisfaction = increased work effort Total Quality Management (TQM)  Evolved in the 1980s and early 1990s  W. Edwards Deming—Leading proponent  Based on Japanese system of management  Emphasis on quality—“Get it right the first time”  Focus on customers/
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