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Central Agencies February 4, 2013  Either created or increased in power under Trudeau (1968)  Mistrust of advice from operating departments  Advocate of „Rational Management‟ – competing source of advice/information  Increased size and strength of agencies – PMO and PCO in particular – continued under Mulroney  Generally agreement that 4 organizations are central agencies – PMO, PCO, TBC & Finance Privy Council Office (PCO)  Reports to the PM and Cabinet  Headed by the Clerk of the Privy Council  Staffed with career civil servants  Provides expert, non-partisan policy advice and administrative support to the PM, Cabinet and Cabinet Committees  Prepares agendas and organizes cabinet committee meetings; prepares informational material and analytical briefing notes to ministers; takes and circulated minutes of meetings; disseminates both cabinet and committee decisions  Typically 150-175 employees – “super-bureaucrats” Clerk of the Privy Council  3 key roles o Prime Minister‟s Deputy Minister o Secretary to Cabinet o Head of the Public Service  Provides an array of strategic and management advice to the PM o Advises and supports PM in certain key areas  Appointments, mandate and organization  Support to Cabinet and Cabinet Committees  Government policy direction Prime Minister’s Office February 6, 2013  Staffed with political appointments  Varies in size – typically 100-120 people  Certain key positions – chief of staff; senior policy advisor; research director; director of operations; director of communications  No statutory authority – power derives from its closeness to the PM  Prepares the Throne Speech  Provides technical, political and policy advice to the PM (“Political Switchboard” – Paul Thomas)  Monitors political developments for impact on PM Treasury Board Secretariat  Treasury Board o Cabinet committee o Only one enshrined in legislation (Financial Administration Act) o „President‟ not Prime Minister o President of Treasury Board, Minister of Finance and 4 other minister appointed by PM o Only one with large bureaucracy (secretariat) reporting to it o Cabinet‟s committee on expenditure budget and management („Guardian‟)  Treasury Board Secretariat
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