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Political Science
POLS 2250
Tim Mau

March 27, 2013 – POLS 2250 LECTURE ERAS IN HR MANAGEMENT 1. PATRONAGE ERA (PRE-1918) a. APPOINTMENTS BASED ON PARTY AFFILIATION b. CIVIL SERVICE AMENDMENT ACT, 1908 – ESTABLISHED CIVIL SERVICE COMMISSION c. MERIT APPLIED TO ‘INSIDE’ SERVICE 2. PATRONAGE TO MERIT (1918-1945) a. CIVIL SERVICE ACT, 1918 b. MERIT APPLIED TO ‘INSIDE’ & ‘OUTSIDE’ SERVICE c. RESTRICTIONS ON POLITICAL ACTIVITIES 3. ROOTS OF REFORM (1946-1966) a. POST-WAR EXPANSION (VETS) b. COLLECTIVE BARGAINING & RIGHT TO STRIKE c. REPRESENTATIVENESS EMERGED AS A VALUE 4. FRUITS OF REFORM (1967-1978) a. LANGUAGE TRAINING b. REPRESENTATION OF WOMEN, ABORIGINALS & DISABLED ALONG WITH FRENCH-SPEAKING CANADIANS 5. FAILURE TO REFORM (1979-1989) a. D’AVIGNON COMMITTEE – SPECIAL COMMITTEE ON PERSONNEL MANAGEMENT AND THE MERIT PRINCIPLE i. LACK OF LEADERSHIP; INFLEXIBLE REGULATIONS; POOR MANAGERS b. LOW MORALE c. PS 2000 (1989) 6. ROAD TO RENEWAL? (1990 – PRESENT) a. EMERGENCE OF NEW VALUES – INNOVATION, SERVICE, QUALITY, TEAMWORK b. LA RELEVE – CHANGE PUBLIC SERVICE CULTURE c. PUBLIC SERVICE MODERNIZATION ACT, 2003 March 27, 2013 – POLS 2250 LECTURE 2013 BUDGET HIGHLIGHTS ❑ BUDGETARY REVENUES ($263.9 BILLION) ❑ EXPENSES ($252.9 BILLION) & DEBT CHARGES ($29.7 BILLION) o HST, taxes on cigarettes, etc. all adds up to the 252 billion o Interest payments on that sum of money we owe which is the ‘debt charges’ ❑ DEFICIT ($18.7 BILLION) o Heading in the right direction ❑ PROJECTED BUDGET SURPLUS – 2015-16 ($0.8 BILLION) o Will balance the books two years from now o Eliminate the deficit – provide surplus of just under a billion dollars KEY MESSAGES GOV’T IS TRYING TO PUT FORTH ❑ STRONGEST RECORD OF GROWTH AND JOB CREATION IN G7 (950,000 JOBS) o Overwhelming number of these jobs are full time jobs in the private sector company o Being cautious about where Canada stands ❑ ECONOMIC RECOVERY STILL FRAGILE o Impossible to escape impacts and effects of what is going out more broadly in the world (the States, Japan, European union, etc.) o Some recovery in the United States o Because things are still fragile in the USA, that has implications for the Canadian economy ❑ GOVERNMENT’S FOCUS: JOBS & ECONOMY o Themes Harper gov’t has identified as their objectives in the last little while ❑ CONTROL GOVERNMENT SPENDING o
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